About me

Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Savina. I recently took a hiatus from the corporate world; with plenty of time on my hand, I decided to put my love for food and my culinary skills to work and write a foodie blog.

I am a die hard foodie who was born and raised in Mumbai. I simply revel on the wide array of street food that Mumbai has to offer. Mumbai does have a major influnce in my cooking as you will see a lot of street food and Maharashtrian recipes on my blog.

Having born into a Manglorean family, I draw a great deal of inspiration from my mom's traditional Manglorean recipes. Mangalore is a port city in the southern part of India and its cuisine is heavily influnced by what is found is abundace there - rice, coconut and sea food. I plan to bring some real treasures from this part of the world.

Hope you enjoy my recipes.